My name is Heather Borderie – I’m a fairly regular person – amazing husband, 2 children and a few pets.

For many years I have worked in Senior Management positions always within General Management.

This has given me a fantastic all-round view of how to run a profitable business. In 2014 I qualified (via weekly “night school” that took me well out of my comfort zone – I feel a blog coming on!) with my Intermediate Certificate in HRM. This allows me to use the initials Assoc. CIPD after my name which I have been assured is what all companies look for when recruiting an HR specialist. However, my reason for qualifying was in fact to rubber-stamp the years of HR that I was lucky enough to have experienced.

In another life I was lucky enough to work with my hobby – horses in a capacity that did not involve getting wet too often and made use of my admin/management/organisational skills. Whilst there I qualified as a horse riding instructor. I find it amazing that many of the skills that I have been lucky enough to acquire in the HR/Coaching field are completely transferable to this and so in a way everything has come full circle.

Currently I coach within the workplace. I am also lucky enough to work with an Amazing Person that helps to keep me on track, achieve goals and brings lots of other interesting things to my attention.

My e-mail is heather.borderie@btinternet.com

Get in touch if want to know more or have a question.



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